Sacramento Colon & Rectal Surgery Medical Group, Inc.



It is our policy to bill your insurance carrier(s) as a courtesy to you. However, it should be understood that although we are billing your insurance company, all charges incurred are ultimately your responsibility and you are responsible for seeing that your insurance company pays us. As part of this courtesy billing, we will bill both your primary and secondary insurances through our office. We invite you to call or personally discuss any unusual financial circumstances with our billing team.

This will avoid misunderstandings and enable you to keep your account in good standing. Except when previous arrangements warrant otherwise, accounts 90 days past due may be referred to the collection agency. If you do not have any insurance coverage, full payment is required at the time of service. There is a $45 fee charged on all returned checks.

Charges for medical care provided by Sacramento Colon & Rectal Surgery Medical Group, Inc. are separate from charges that may come from other facilities, such as hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, and anesthesiologists. 

Please bring your insurance cards with you when you come for your appointment. Our practice and your insurance company both require all co-payments to be made at the time of service. If your insurance company requires a referral form from your primary care physician (most do), please arrange for your primary care physician to fax or mail it to us prior to your appointment. If we do not have one at time ofyour appointment you will be rescheduled.

Please be sure to inform us if prior authorization is required by your insurance company for visits to our office, and for hospitalization, outpatient procedures, or laboratory studies. If you are required by your insurance carrier to use certain outpatient or hospital facilities, please bring it to our attention in order for us to facilitate scheduling your procedure. Not having the required authorization prior to your office visit, procedure or test could reduce the amount otherwise payable by your insurance carrier and/or delay payment, possibly resulting in an increase in your share of costs. If we are required to obtain authorization for procedures to be done at our office, please allow us time to gather the information and submit the request either to your referring physician or directly to your medical group.

If you have any questions concerning our policies, please reach out to our office number (916) 231-1050.