Sacramento Colon and Rectal Surgery

Office Visit

Before Initial Office Visit

Please ensure you follow the following instructions prior to your visit to our office to make the most of your visit

  • Bring your current medical insurance card.
  • Bring your referral from primary care physician.
  • Bring copies of your medical records, reports, medication list, xray images.
  • Bring your copay. We accept Visa, MasterCard, personal check only. We do not take cash.
  • Complete and bring the following forms: Patient Information form, Patient Medical Questionnaire, Financial form, Chaperone Policy, Patient Behavior Agreement and the HIPAA form.
  • Read and understand our policy to protect your health information as detailed in the HIPAA form.
  • Prior to your office visit please administer two (2) saline based rectal enemas, if instructed to do so. These enemas are not to be taken by mouth, but inserted in the rectum. Administer the first enema two hours before your appointment and second enema one hour before your appointment. It is okay to administer two enemas as per our instructions. Do not use these if you are pregnant, diagnosed with renal failure, have severe rectal pain or acute diverticulitis. For patients with renal failure use the Fleet® Naturals Cleansing enema which contains no sodium phosphate.

Before Subsequent office visits

If your address or insurance information has changed, fill out a new Patient Information form.

  • Bring your current medical insurance card.
  • Bring your copay.
  • Complete and bring all four forms if you are being seen after three years.
  • Two (2) saline/water based rectal enemas if you have to have a procedure or examination and were instructed to do so.
  • Get the tests that were ordered at your previous appointment done.